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Monday, April 20

Running Away

Sunday morning Jackson got in his closet and got his bag out. Two of his newest words are "what?" and "yeah" so when I asked him if he was running away, he said "yeah". I'm sure he had no idea what I was asking him. I said ok then, I better take your picture so I remember what you look like.

Then I said "are you sure you really want to run away? It will be really lonely without mommy". This look says "Nah, I'm just kidding, I'm not going anywhere".........

Saturday, April 4

Spongebob Cowboy Boots

Ok so I swore I would never do this but......We were shopping at Walmart a week or so ago and they had a big Nickelodeon display with tons of Spongebob Squarepants stuff. The minute Jackson saw it he started saying Spongebob over and over. It comes out "Pun-bah" but still, I knew we weren't getting out of there without buying something. So I found this cute little pair of jammies but they were short sleeved and it was cold that week so he didn't get to wear them.

I was in Tulsa this past week working and Stacy and I went to Drysdales, a little western store there in Tulsa, and I picked up these cute little cowboys boots. Last night it was warm so I pulled out the new PJs and he loved them, although he was a little confused since lately he has started pointing to himself and saying Jackson and now I was pointing to his shirt and saying Spongebob. At least he knows who Mommy is!
Anyway we were picking up around the house and I saw the cowboy boots laying there and decided to try them on him. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the whole get up, then of course had to grab the camera. He seemed to like the boots at first but then started to fuss so thank goodness he didn't really like the jammy/cowboy boot combo. I hope he inherited at least a little bit of my sense of style but I'm sure at some point when he can dress himself he'll still want to wear cowboy boots and shorts. I promise not to buzz his hair!

Wednesday, March 4

Good Morning

Jackson and I have settled into a normal morning routine of getting in my bed under the covers in the morning while he drinks his bottle (cup). About 1/2 the time he even says thank you when I hand him his cup. It comes out "dan-choo" but it's so cute I think at that moment I'd buy him a new car if he asked me to. We watch a little Good Morning America, check out what's going on in the world and catch the local weather so we know how to dress for the day.

This morning I tried to get a good picture of him all snuggled in and by the time I grabbed the camera he was up and gone. The pictures are still pretty cute. It would be nice to say this was around 9 am.....unfortunately it was 6:30. I sometimes wonder in the next 18 years if I'll ever sleep past sunrise.......It should be a crime to be this happy in the morning!

Tuesday, March 3

I can see!!

Jackson is in his new forward facing car can tell he is absolutely thrilled. I thought he would love being able to see but it's weird...he fusses a lot more now that he's facing forward than he did when he couldn't see anything. He is must be as frustrated with Fort Worth traffic as I am. I am pretty sure his first words will be "go you crazy people, go".

I have been playing his new Dora CD that he got for his birthday on the way to Pam's and that seems to keep him entertained. And I'm pretty sure I came up the stairs singing "do-do-do-do-do-dora, do-do-du-do-do-dora".

Birthday pics will be posted soon!

Sunday, February 1

Little Angel / Little Devil

We have been super busy the past few weeks with not much time for anything but work and sleep. Jackson is finally sleeping through the night which is something we thought might never happen. Unfortunately now he has teeth coming in one right after the other so he's not a very happy camper lately. He has a total of 7 teeth now and is totally off baby food. As far as eating goes, he pretty much eats what ever we put in front of him but his favorite is definitely cheese pizza. We are consistently amazed at the amount of food he can put away, he is going to be a big boy!
He still says about 10 words and has learned to point to his toes when we ask him where they are, so we're now working on "where's your belly?". I've found it takes him about a week of repetition to learn something new. He's still a kissy baby although you have to watch it. He's tricked me into kissing him a few times only to bite the heck out of my lip.

We painted the bathroom last week and while I was in there getting everything put back together I took this picture of him. The light was perfect coming through the window and I thought he looked so sweet, the perfect little angel. Who needs a little girl when you have a pretty boy like this.

Skip to later that same day. Jackson has learned to climb the stairs and he's pretty good at it. Pam has stairs at her house too so he gets to practice when it's time to go up for his nap. We keep the gate up then about 30 minutes before bed we let him go up and down until he wears himself out. He loves it and squeals all the way up and down. Until it's time to climb, he hangs on the gate like a little monkey, the little booger. Not quite the angel I saw that morning. He is definitely ALL boy!

Friday, January 2

Merry Christmas

I know this is a little late but Christmas came and went so quickly I'm just now getting around to catching up. We spent Christmas Eve with my friend Teri, her kids Faith and Drew, and her mom Jan. We had a great time and are so glad to have them as friends, and consider them family. Jackson loved all the lights and decorations at 'Aunt Teri's'. And the presents too!

Then we went home and started opening presents at our house. Jackson got a book from Grandma and Grandpa (and lots of other things) and John and Jackson got matching Nebraska Cornhusker beanbag chairs from Santa. Rumor has it that Santa is really an OU fan but he knows Christmas is about giving to others which is why, I'm sure, he brought 2 Cornhusker beanbags and not 1 Husker and 1 OU. I'll bet that was hard for Santa. :-)

By the time we opened all the gifts from the Grandmas and Grandpas Jackson was ready for bed so we decided to save the rest of Santa's loot for the next morning (Christmas day). John pointed out that we might as well not wrap Jackson's toys since we were only going to have to turn around and unwrap them for him and I totally agreed. We opened everything the next morning. Santa got me a Garmin GPS but I haven't gotten to play with it too much yet. It has an MP3 player and a language translater which is really cool.

Jackson and I headed to Nacogdoches about 11 just as he was ready for his morning nap and he slept all the way to Uncle Shawn's in Jacksonville. We stopped to visit and refuel then headed to Grammy's. Jackson and Emily got to play together quite a bit. Playing = Jackson trying to pull Emily's hair and Emily saying "no, no baby Jackson". For those who don't know Emily is my brother Benjamin's daughter and will be 2 in January. I have a cute video of them I'll try to upload tomorrow but here is a cute picture of them. There is that goofy smile again.... And I'm sure everyone has noticed this and just didn't want to point it out to me out of politeness but look at the size of my kid's melon! Emily is almost 2 and Jackson is only 10 months. His head is twice the size of hers!!!

Wednesday, December 31

Say Cheeeeeze

I mean seriously...who taught this kid to smile?????

Look at Andrew, all sweet with his hands folded quietly in his lap looking like a normal baby at the camera with that "what's that thing you're pointing at me" look on his face. Then there's Jackson. I'm afraid in wanting to document his 'babyhood' so badly, and taking thousands of pictures, I've created a monster, a total camera hog. I do like that you can see his new teeth though and it did stop him from banging that cute little hammer that makes a boing boing sound and lights up every time you hit something with it.